Honda CB250 zu heiß, wenn Sie schnell laufen, bitte helfen

      Honda CB250 zu heiß, wenn Sie schnell laufen, bitte helfen

      Humans depend upon their brain to achieve everything. But the brain must be sharpened like a sword, or else it would lose its edge. What better way to do that than by playing puzzle games? Here are the best puzzle games to test how logical your brain is:

      1. Minesweeper

      Uncover all numbered cells!

      There is nothing that puts your brain more on edge than Minesweeper. The classic game can be played on the browser, with the same rules. Each cell with a digit signifies the number of mines in the immediately surrounding cells. You must uncover all the numbered cells without tapping on the ones with mines. Three difficulty levels consist of 40, 70 and 100 mines respectively. Rest assured, this game will make you break some sweat. Try these Internet games free!

      2. Maze Runner

      Maze Runner might look like an action game at first look, but it is really all about strategy. You must leave the Glade and explore the majority of the maze. However, beware: there are monsters called Grievers lurking in the shadow, and you must try to avoid them. You must also return before time runs out because night is the time of the Grievers. So, it falls on your strategic mind to calculate the best route for exploring and returning in the maze.

      3. Guess It

      Can you guess correctly?

      If you consider yourself to be knowledgeable about the world, “Guess It” is the perfect game for you. The game pits you against people for 3 rounds. Each round asks you a question, and you have to guess the possible answer. There are 4 answers for each question, each having a weight according to how common it is. The key to winning here is pure understanding how various things in the world. It is a perfect game for those who want to test their intelligence. Get hooked on these Internet games multiplayer at Manti Games.

      4. Word Search

      If you have a sharp eye for words, then this game would certainly appeal to you. Word Search has a very simple premise: you are given a list of words, and you must find them in the scrambled box. You might even get the bonus round, where any match made gets a higher score. But time is of the essence because it impacts your overall score. It might not make your brain muscles flex like other games, but would surely test your ability to find patterns.

      5. Simply Jigsaw

      Nothing is harder or more fun than Jigsaw puzzles.

      When it comes to pattern matching, nothing is harder or more fun than Jigsaw puzzles. Simple Jigsaw is an amazing game that not only revives the nostalgia but makes the game even more interesting. You get the pieces to build the given image. There are various options available that make things easier or harder for you. You can choose to Work on Edges (thus removing middle pieces) or Work on Middle (thus removing edge pieces). You can set the background to any color or even set it to the image you are trying to build. There are dozens of images to piece together, so plenty of fun is assured.

      If you have decided to flex your brain muscles, then these games will ensure your mind is put to the ultimate test.
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